Monday, December 1, 2008

Gettin' my Halo on for the SF Bike Coalition Winterfest

This weekend is the SFBC Winterfest! This is the Bike Coalition's big annual fundraiser, including an auction of all sorts of bike goodies, art, and this year, a 2 night stay at our Le Tournesol Healdsburg Vacation Rental donated by ours truly Jill and John Murphy.

The lucky winner will not only have posh accommodations in the heart of Sonoma County Cycling (and of course Wine!) country, but if they time it right they can chow down on the goodies from my organic garden!



murphstahoe said...

Cool - we get to be part of the "Live Auction", whatever that means. I guess some of the stuff must be auctioned off via a silent auction while other stuff is on stage. I'll be there with my "Murph's Tahoe" hat.

We did decide to put the house in our Live Auction : ) This is a
really exciting auction item to have, we've never had a donated
vacation home before, but something I've been looking for, for the
past 3 years. Yay! Thank you for this contribution.

I look forward to meeting you at the event on Sunday!

Jodie Medeiros
Development Director

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition

murphstahoe said...

We auctioned one off at nVidia for the Family Giving Tree - $800. I want to see this number beat at Winterfest!

murphstahoe said...

$900. We beat nVidia, but I won't say I was not disappointed a bit. Next year if we do it again I'll throw in some more marketing, give away a Sonoma County Biking Map with it, try to get Spoke Folk to throw in a bike rental, etc...