Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Bike Lane on Skyline in Millbrae

New bike lane on hillcrest in millbrae on Twitpic

This section of Skyline is critical for the SF<->Peninsula commute, it is a short stretch between the San Andreas Trail and Sawyer Camp Trail. Several sections of 280 are bike legal around here, allowing you to bypass the bike paths which are longer and winding with blind curves. The freeway is much faster - if that's what you need (as in - you are headed to work). But on this section of Skyline between Larkspur and Hillcrest you have to exit the freeway even if you are bypassing the trails.

Prior to painting this bike lane the drivers here would crowd cyclists to the right, the worst offenders believing the cyclists belong on that "bike path" a.k.a. sidewalk. The sidewalk isn't exactly great, I much prefer the road. With the striping and no parking signs it delineates that this portion of the road is for bikes. And for those worried that this will screw up traffic, rest assured that the motorists have a no-bikes section of 280 a mere 20 yards away.

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