Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's raining cats and dogs and trees.

Per SFist

Carniverous Tree

Photo by expuestosiempre

This dastardly tree, at Haight and Broderick, came tumbling down, nearly crushing this cute cyclist.

From Commenter eo36

Anyone who rides regardless of the weather is a friend of mine. Does anyone know Daniel? I'd like to start a fund to get him a new rim.

Despite the fixie nature of his bike, I have to agree. I got out there in the crazy rainstorm this AM, seeing only one other lonely figure on his bike between Noe Valley and Caltrain, despite using the Caltrain Silk Route from the Mission (Valencia/14/Division/Townsend). Though we did have an even dozen on SB 230 (Two bike cars!)

Count me in. In fact, I have a functional front Ksyrium wheel I was considering making a trailer out of (the rear was a POS so I gave up on Ksyriums) that I will gladly donate to Daniel. This will also allow him to gain street cred by having one component on his bike that is worth much more than the rest of the componentry combined (ok, maybe not, but you get my point). If anyone knows Daniel, send him my way and the wheel is his.

I ended up getting pretty soaked this AM despite wearing ski pants (not as waterproof as I thought) and an old Fraternity Football block windbreaker (more waterproof than the ski pants anyway). Tonight I am thinking I should just embrace the rain, I have an old speedo sitting in a box of junk here at work. If I am going to get wet, might as well dive into the pool.


TaylorSizemore said...

His name is Daniel Velasco,
I don't have his email, but I facebooked him, he's a rad dude and real fast, he deserves a new wheel... And I think this is his first real day in sf, just moved there!
Thanks for helping our friend!

Unknown said...

It was his first 15 minutes in the city, the kid deserves a wheel and ladies he is single...

murphstahoe said...

"Facebooked?" Dude, I'm 41, I need a translation.

Seriously though, I'll track him down. I did find out the wheel is in Healdsburg so there might be a delay, and I'm sure he needs to be mobile again, but I'll donate it as a backup no matter what.