Friday, December 18, 2009

Texting at a red light.

In a prior post I mentioned a driver next to me at a red light who was furiously setting up her music playlist on her iPhone. Not only did she differentiate this from "texting", she also said to me "I'm not driving".

I was reminded of this while searching for texts on a cyclist killed on Hillsdale Blvd this morning. I saw the following tweet.

@dharmakate Additionally, a fatal car vs bicycle accident on Hillsdale over the freeway. I just passed it. Suddenly rethinking the bike in Spring. :'(

I got into a conversation with the author who indicated she was "stopped". I asked if this meant "parked". Is it ok to text at a stoplight?

Certainly a lot of drivers think it's ok to text at a stop light. The CHP does not agree.

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Frank Irwin said...

Austin just passed an ordinance outlawing texting (and playlist editing, etc.) while driving. They do, however, make explicit that it's ok to text at a stoplight.