Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sunday Streets Critical Mass

The First Sunday Streets is this Sunday on the Embarcadero. We have a "Chariot" trailer and I'd like to tool around with our son. Sad but true my first instinct was "I'll ride over there with the trailer, you bring him on MUNI". I'd certainly think driving the car with bikes/trailer would be an exercise in futility with respect to parking, and sort of against the whole concept.

What I really want to do is just ride to the event! It's only a couple of miles, and pretty much a straight shot down Market. Certainly no more difficult a commute than I take every day. I admit I feel some of the trepidation the haters throw out there despite this being a trivial route compared to my daily commute. So I'd like to invite any and all to join me at 11 AM in Noe Valley to ride en masse to the Embarcadero. RSVP.


Mark said...

I am thinking of taking Caltrain up from San Jose - but would be interested in meeting up somewhere in the area - any suggestions?

JC said...

It may be somewhat counter intuitive, but experience has taught me that towing the Burley kid hauler is safer than riding solo. Cars simply give me more space, regardless of whether it contains kid or cargo. The perception that there might be a child inside makes drivers a little more courteous.