Thursday, September 18, 2008

I am holier than the douchebag waiting for the Amtrak

Waiting for the Amtrak Wednesday. I am relating to my Wife Carly Fiorina's faux pas as Fiorina declared that Sarah Palin would not be qualified to run HP, and the McCain campaign was putting her on the shelf. This fossilized douchebag on the platform decides he must interject - "Well, when you think about it the skills needed for a CEO are much different than that of a President". I said that I would be willing to debate that but this isn't something you want your chief Economic adviser to say. We go on, I smack him around a bit with McCain's "The fundamentals of the economy are strong" and he says "Well neither of these guys know anything, it's about the advisers they get!" At this point I decided to talk with my Wife who is far more interesting.

1) Given the "skills" of say, "Leadership", "Integrity" - which position, CEO or President of the United States needs those skills - since clearly there is no overlap. Douchebag. Hopefully if McCain/Palin win then those skills are needed for CEO and NOT President, but I pretty much have to reject the premise from this idiot (which is shared by Carly the Idiot as well).

2) "It's about the advisers they get". Like say Carly Fiorina - who McCain has now banished from speaking from the campaign (and whom doesn't know how to run a company like HP either). Or perhaps Phil Gramm, also banished from speaking and who is central to the current economic meltdown?

I've enjoyed using Amtrak but it attracts a few morons. 4 years ago I was on the train to Sacramento and overheard a woman on her cellphone imploring her Nephew to make sure he talks to his daughter and makes sure she votes for George Bush or this country will go to hell! If this isn't hell - I would hate to see it...

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