Thursday, February 12, 2009


I don't ride Market St in San Francisco very often because aside from the fact it doesn't really lie on an optimum route to get where I want to go, it's sort of a mess. One spot I particulary get annoyed at is heading Southeast through the Castro. There is a bike lane here, and there are cars double parked in said bike lane. Enforcement - non-existent.

I'm really starting to think I would never see the day that I would see someone from DPT ticketing someone double parked in the bike lane. Today I was riding this stretch of market and I did see a DPT meter maid...

... double parked in the bike lane, ticketing a meter offender who was not in the bike lane. She even smiled at me as I stopped to take a photo.

At least the net result for me was not as bad as for this guy whom I happened upon a few blocks later.

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