Thursday, October 8, 2009


Be true to your school, just like you would to your girl.

They have some trouble in the city of Roses.

That is too late for senior Meagan Barnard, who said she won’t be getting one of the 50 spots.

“It’s just a parking spot, but for me I was crushed because I always wanted to park there,” she said. “All the seniors hang out there. You work your way up there and you work your way up to those spots. It’s silly, but it’s important to the seniors.”

Oh, the humanity. Things really erupted in the LTTE's to come.

A tradition lost

EDITOR: For three years, I was able to experience Santa Rosa High in all its glory, through tradition. My senior year our beloved principal, Tony Negri, retired, and Jim Goddard took his place, changing the school forever.

Tradition is an enormous part of Santa Rosa’s history, and I saw it crumble right before my eyes. When I was a freshman, I dreamed of the day I got a senior spot in the parking lot and was able to paint my name on it. That did not happen the way any of my classmates planned. We, too, had the dream of a senior spot taken away. Who was behind it all? The same man you read about in the headlines of Tuesday’s paper.

Those spots are used as a fundraiser for the senior class and should be sold first-come, first-serve. There was no problems for years doing it that way. Why change it? I am so saddened to read about my high school being destroyed by this man. My heart goes out to all future Panthers.


Santa Rosa

Her high school has been destroyed by this man who had the temerity to change the assignment system for parking spots. He didn't disband the football team or the band, he didn't change the school's mascot, he didn't layoff half a dozen teachers and increase class sizes.

God forbid had they hired some tree hugger like in Los Altos


Jym said...

=v= The photo is the best part: "Reserved" turned into "Deserved." Motorist entitlement is indoctrinated early on.

Yokota Fritz said...

I'd say Goddard's mistake is in failing to get buy in from the stakeholders before implementing his plan. People hate change, especially if they perceive it's imposed onto them.

My son is in high school now and he's definitely feeling the "biking to school is uncool" peer pressure.