Friday, November 27, 2009

Chris Phipps and MUNI security.

SF Supervisor Bevan Dufty headed up a Meeting on MUNI Safety last week after a series of high profile incidents on MUNI, including a gunpoint robbery of an iPhone on the J-Church.

iPhones appear to be the target du jour for MUNI thieves. Local hard man bike racer Chris Phipps had his own response. I won't go Grantland Rice on this one, here are Phipps' tweets - unedited.

A thief just stole the iPhone of the woman sitting next to me on muni. I jumped off the train, ran after her & caught her. 3:45 PM Nov 25th from Echofon

I yelled "I'm a marathon runner, I will catch you...eventually" 3:46 PM Nov 25th from Echofon

Woman got her iphone back, called 911 & SFPD were here within 3 minutes. 3:48 PM Nov 25th from Echofon

@jeffremer I don't know about heroic. The thief was a 16yo girl. Had it been a 200 pound guy, I don't know what I'd do if I caught him 4:01 PM Nov 25th from Echofon

@munialerts N Judah @ Noe & Duboce. Around 3:40 PM 4:16 PM Nov 25th from Echofon in reply to munialerts

@Im4tun8 thanks. Several others in the park who were witnesses stopped to help detain & watch the suspect until the SFPD arrived 4:50 PM Nov 25th from Echofon in reply to Im4tun8