Monday, December 28, 2009

Like shootin' fish in a barrel...

1200 Plus Arrested During Bay Area Anti-DUI Campaign

Yes, another reference to the "cyclists need to obey the rules too" meme.

A minor enforcement effort snags 1291 drunk drivers in the Bay Area in 10 days. 129 per day, and it's not like the cops were stationed outside every bar in the Bay Area.

I'd be very interested in the stats - 1291 arrests out of how many went through the checkpoint? You can't exactly extrapolate that percentage to the number of cars on the road during those time periods, as the police are probably stationed at roadways that would be expected to have a higher number of DUI infractions going on - near bars, etc... but that's a "sobering" stat.

Unfortunately, there is the story of the one that got away...

There has been one death attributed to an impaired driver on Bay Area roadways during the campaign, which will continue through Jan. 3.

The article did not indicate if the victim was wearing a helmet, or indicate the number of pedestrians killed by stopsign running cyclists.

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ammon said...

They even pre-announced the checkpoint locations in the local papers a week beforehand.