Monday, April 12, 2010

If you think I pontificate on the keyboard

You should see me with a microphone...

I was clever enough to put my wife up there to distract from my ugly mug.

Fun stuff. I haven't spoken in front of an audience that large for a long time, and I've never spoken in front of an audience containing 50% people who were actively against what I had to say. I mean sure, in debate finals, there were the buddies of the team we were going against, and hoped I would lose, but they weren't actively disagreeing with what I was saying.

And they sure as heck weren't heckling me, as I was heckled Thursday night. Oh well, I'm a big boy.


Yokota Fritz said...


But heckled?

BikeBoy said...

Murph, you look so... grown-up!

Frank Irwin said...

Please post the link to the video of this extravaganza.