Friday, October 1, 2010

Caltrain! Weekend Baby Bullets!!!???

Caltrain has just posted the agenda for the next JPB meeting.

You can read the minutes HERE

Here's the highlight - at least for me!

Further, Staff Coordinating Council recommends that the Board direct staff to implement a minimum of a 3-month weekend Baby Bullet demonstration in response to customer comments.

THANK YOU to everyone who signed the petition - and sent them a LOT of emails!

I love it when we win one. At the last JPB meeting I said "We LOVE Caltrain, I feel that we are in this together, and I think this is a good idea"



Mikesonn said...


Well done, John. Well done.

cr said...

Wow, nice work, John!

I hope they run it a little later in the morning (and later in the evening) than the weekday bullet.

cr said...

"While the schedule and station stops have yet to be determined, two round trips would be provided initially."

Says the Green Caltrain blog.

djconnel said...

You, my friend, are the man (in the good sense, not in the "don't get put down by" sense).

If this goes through dinner's on me.

Bart said...

Last Saturday I rode #801 from SJ to SF expecting it to contain maybe a little more than a normal weekend train's worth of passengers. Wrong - it was packed with as many people as the weekday bullets.

Another out of control success. Caltrain should consider adding an extra northbound in the AM and an extra southbound in the PM between Thanksgiving and Christmas to accommodate the holiday traffic.