Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Clipper Quiz Number 2.

For all you transit nerds out there - here is another fun @BayAreaClipper quiz!

The last quiz answer was $5.50.

Question 2 - How much did I pay to go home, taking the same bus/bart/bus combo?


blobree said...

3.50. Transfer was still good from inbound trip. But you got charged for last bus trip with .25 discount.

murphstahoe said...

Answer - $5.25

I was outside the transfer window. But my first bus was $1.75 as my BART transfer was "still valid". $1.75 on BART, then a bogus $1.75 transfer onto MUNI.

I did manage to contact Clipper. They told me this is a "known bug" and that I can call in and get a refund. Not sure if I will bother, for $3.50 which was pre-tax to begin with.