Monday, October 3, 2011

Central Subway to Caltrain

Which would you prefer? Getting off the Central Subway to get onto Caltrain, and seeing this...
This is what the @central_subway connection to Caltrain SHOUL... on Twitpic
Or getting off the Central Subway to get onto Caltrain and seeing this?
This is the @central_subway connection to Caltrain MUNI wants... on Twitpic
Perhaps you are headed downtown, and need to get across King Street to the station and you see this...
@blah7009 on Twitpic

Station placement is very important for lines like the Central Subway. Otherwise you end up 20 years from now reading something like this - the answer to which would be "8 billion dollars or a time machine".

Moving the station to in front of the Caltrain station would make this line hum, and remove the tempation - succumbed to by hundreds of patrons daily - to jaywalk across King Street at 4th, which is also known as "The onramp to I-280 Southbound".

This can be coupled with eliminating the planned Brannan Street station, saving money and reducing the overall number of stations on the line. This is a lesson that was learned the hard way by Santa Clara VTA

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