Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chris Bucchere, the SFPD, and Matier and Ross

Someone in the SFPD has leaked info on a supposed video of the incident.
"The biker is going fast and looks like he is hunched down. He hits the victim dead-on. There is never a moment where he looks like he is trying to slow down," said the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity because police are still investigating the March 29 crash. Hui died of his injuries four days later
First - This is the second and perhaps third leak of evidence from an "anonymous" member of the SFPD for a suspect who has not been charged. Also in Matier and Ross is a "witness account"
Police sources tell us the file forwarded to the district attorney includes the name and number of a motorist who reported seeing Bucchere and another cyclist fly through several red lights and stop signs before the deadly Castro district crash. Hui's wife, incidentally, was walking a few steps ahead when her husband was hit.
A third possible leak from the SFPD is the email threads from Mission Cycling and SF2G. The SFPD had the email threads the day of the incident. The email threads stayed out of the media until they appeared in MarinIJ, SFBG, SFGate, SFAppeal almost simultaneously. Was this also leaked by the SFPD? Regarding a suspect they were not officially naming? Regardless of whether you think Bucchere should be convicted of whatever, he deserves due process. Second, Matier and Ross stated that Hui died of his injuries four days later. While Occam's Razor might lead one to conclude this, I have seen no official word that the injuries were the cause of death. This is picking nits, but isn't wild speculation supposed to be the realm of the crazy bloggers, not the genteel printed media? The analysis of the video given by "Anonymous" is interesting. It does not dovetail with Bucchere's description, especially the statement that Bucchere "laid it down" which we have all concluded he meant that he intentionally crashed his bike. What the discrepancy might make one think - Bucchere claimed that he didn't remember anything for 5 minutes following the accident. How was his recollection of the lead in to the accident so vivid? I was in a car accident when I was 17, I didn't remember anything leading up to the accident until I came to in the ambulance.

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