Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How not to save time on your commute.

Today, riding along Central Expressway, at the Fair Oaks exit.

Driver in White Van cuts me off from proceeding straight on Central, careening into the exit at top speed, losing perhaps 1 second they would lose had they waited. Since I had to veer off from my path on Central at this point, I gave the driver a one finger salute and decided to follow the van onto the offramp. The ramp ends with a fork onto Arques Eastbound, where one can access Fair Oaks, or left to go onto Westbound Arques or Central Expressway the other direction.

The van was in the right lane of the fork but stuck behind traffic waiting for the red light at the end of the ramp. As I closed up to the van, it quickly accellerated to the left and onto the turn onto WB Arques and headed back onto WB Central. The driver looked at me through his open window and shouted an obscenity at me.

He didn't want to wait 1 second for me to get to a backed up traffic light, and he was so incensed he might have to discuss it that he took a 3-4 minute detour.


Doug said...

What else to expect- living as we do, in a society marinated in bloodlust and testosterone, where the youth are indoctrinated to violence almost from infancy. But God forbid they should catch a glimpse of a naked breast...that just might warp their young malleable minds.

Alex said...

I have only once attempted to discuss with a driver on my commute. The conversation didn't go well.
The driver almost clipped me from behind, passing at an unsafe distance, swerving into me to go around a car that was turning left. According to him, I'm the one who swerved in too close to him. Right. Because cyclists to that all the time...

Anonymous said...

I love the way he screamed and ran like a 3 year old. You obviously scared him, you crazy biker on an intimidating 20 lb vehicle.