Sunday, August 24, 2008

I am holier than Rob Anderson

Noe Valley - we have a problem. Someone get Rob Anderson - stat.

The intersection at Castro/24th has been restriped. First Noe/24th, then the new striping at Castro/24th.

The question is - was an Environmental Impact Review done? I don't know, but I assume there was not one done. I don't really know the exact theory behind the fancy striping, but one would assume that it is for pedestrian safety. Great! How does it accomplish it - by calming traffic? SLOWING traffic! Absurd! That's a surefire way to increase POLLUTION! And even if it isn't - the city is supposed to do EIRs!

Of course I am being ironic here, but it's sad how accurate that seems. One thing I will say - approaching this intersection from the West on a bike, on a rainy day, will be not amusing. On a typical intersection like the one at Noe, the proper tactic is to cross the intersection away from the painted lines. Paint does not absorb water - it beads it up, ask Christian Vandevelde . On the new intersection - how are you supposed to avoid the paint!

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