Tuesday, October 14, 2008

BART is holier than Caltrain (say it ain't so!)

busy day on this blog. Can you tell I am "working from home". No seriously, I have already designed a few base classes and derived more from them. And sent out about 20 twitters and posted three blog posts. Anywho...

Generally I think BART is
1) Good
2) Not nearly as good as the money that has been spent on it.

Generally I think Caltrain is
1) Good
2) Held together with bailing wire and bubble gum
3) Very good given #2.

Except for this...
An official BART twitter feed which included today's service advisory for fatality in Pleasant Hill
Caltrain Twitter feed with many service advisories and information posted on last night's fatality - designed by Ravi Pina and content from riders, far better than any official information.

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