Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I am holier than the drunk at Bowling.

Tuesday is bowling night. I get off Caltrain early and switch to BART and take to Colma, where Serra Bowl is conveniently located 200 yards or so from the BART station. I like bowling night, I get to hang with my friends (and until her stomach started looking like a bowling ball, my wife) and bowl, talk politics, sports, and have some beers with "The Cadillacs" (our team name). One too many beers not being a big problem as we walk to BART and go home.

Last night as I waltzed out of the bowling alley, I heard the league drunk belch something about "cyclists mumble stop signs... mumble" and I WENT OFF. This was definitely a one too many beers night.

"EXCUSE ME? How are you getting home tonight? Driving? Yeah, you can barely walk, barely see, and you are going to get into a car. When you kill someone I will be there to testify that you are a drunk son of a b***h and make sure you are in the can for a very very long time."

He started on the stop signs thing again and I went off again "Don't give me this BS you (many expletives deleted)". Walter Sobchak would be proud - I should have thrown in a "Has the whole world gone crazy? Am I the only one around here who gives a shit about the rules? Mark it zero!"

I did feel a little sheepish about the level of my tirade, especially since a more cool member of the league was standing next to the drunk. I left a message on Joe's voicemail. Here is the text reply...

I know who u are talking about. is Serra bowl Colma or daly city? I know some colma cops. Let's set that a-hole up. I have a feeling he already has no license."

He can fool the f**ks in the league office but he cannot fool the Cadillacs!! Bowling should be amusing next time.

Oh, and I bowled 106, 116, 125. You gotta problem with dat?

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