Friday, July 17, 2009

Jefferson County ups the ante on San Mateo County

Updates: Jefferson County Commissioner blogs on topic.

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Possible Bike Ban in Jefferson County Colorado

County commissioners in Jefferson County announced that they are asking for statewide legislation that would let counties ban bicyclists from county roa
ds of their choice, according to an article in the July 7 Columbine Courier.

I emailed JeffCo and got a canned response.

Summary - we are not proposing to close any roads, but we want to pass a law
that gives us the right to close roads. Even though we (heart) cyclists!


We are not proposing to close any roads to bicyclists. All roads in Jefferson
County are open to bicyclists.

Our intention in getting legislation passed is
to have the ability to balance the needs of various citizens and to assure the
safety of both the bicycling and motoring public.

Our proposal would give counties the same level of authority that cities have
in managing their roads.

Jefferson County has an outstanding record of accomplishment in accommodating
the bicycling community. We are committed to a "Share the Road" philosophy. We've
installed paved shoulders, we plan multi-modal roads to accommodate bikes, and
we will continue to allocate staff to act as a liason to "Bike Jeffco," a bicycle
advocacy group.

This effort allows Jefferson County and the bicycling community a forum to work
together and find consensus on ways to accommodate bicyclists in Jefferson County.

JeffCo Board of Commissioners.
Kevin McCasky, Chairman
Faye Griffin, Chairman pro tem
Kathy Hartman, Commissioner


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