Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Brisbane, Ca. Unintended Consquences.

This AM, I was riding Bayshore through Brisbane California. You know, the city with the Blue Bike Lanes that we love so darn much!

The blue bike lane goes North. Going South, there is a big bike lane as well. To the left of the bike lane, there is a little "buffer zone" with a nasty gnarly rumble strip in it. Sometimes, this works great - the rumble strip could dissuade cars from encroaching into the bike lane.

And sometimes, it doesn't work so well.

Brisbane suffers an attack from unexpected consequences on Twitpic

I'm used to stuff parked in the bike lane, but usually I can just simply go around without navigating across the worst rumble strip in the west.

This situation occurs pretty much every time I ride this section of road, in the exact same spot. The equipment company (or whatever) that had parked the flatbed in the bike lane doesn't always have the flatbed there, but almost always has a truck parked backing into the front of the business with its nose sticking into the road just far enough to block the bike lane.


Michael said...

You should complain to the Brisbane police department. They are usually very responsive to these type of issues. Their number is 415 467-1212.

Michael Graff said...

This is an example of why "protecting" a Class II bike lane with a physical barrier is a violation of state and national design standards.