Friday, January 29, 2010

Overheard on my commute.

As I headed down 18th from Castro to Dolores, I filtered by maybe a dozen cars - this is definitely a part of my commute that is much faster on bike than in a car. I noted that I rode right past a cop, and figured that he probably couldn't care less and if Jym Dyer is to be believed, the filtering was legal anyway (though bypassing a garbage truck and the 4 cars stuck behind it by detouring onto the sidewalk was not as holy. To my credit I dismounted and "schluffed" by the one pedestrian I saw.

At the intersection of 18th and Dolores I heard the cop's loudspeaker go off. Cyclist spidey sense goes off and assumes that "The Man" has a beatdown in store for the cyclist, but he was 3 cars back and he wasn't talking to me. I listened to the remainder of his lecture and caught "PUT YOUR HANDS AT TEN AND TWO". I glanced back at the car and watched the flustered driver putting away her cellphone.

Amusing. Though I think he should have said "PULL OVER".


Michael Graff said...

Is there actually a law requiring your hands to be at 10 and 2? Or even that you have two hands on the wheel? Cyclists are only required one hand on the bars.

The part that's currently illegal is holding your hand to your ear, but only if there's a cell phone in your hand.

Yokota Fritz said...

That's pretty awesome.

Jym said...

=v= I think I am to be believed (ObDisclaimer: I am not a lawyer), but explaining legalities to cops rarely turns out well.

murphstahoe said...

@Michael - there's no law about 10 and 2 - otherwise eating, makeup application, radio fiddling, etc... would be inherently illegal.

The cop was just making his point and screwing with the driver. Those loudspeakers scare the crap out of anyone.