Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Whole Foods Noe Valley Bike Parking Update.

Apparently there are more racks. Not sure if they are new.

> Hi John,
> Thanks for your feedback and ideas regarding the bike racks. I'm not
> sure if you noticed the additional bike racks that we added since
> opening. We have 14 more spots on the right side of the lot by
> Bernie's Coffee shop. We also partnered with the SF bike coalition,
> who just installed four more spots on the sidewalk out front. I love
> seeing so many customers and Team Members biking.
> Parking is another challenge for sure. We outgrew our tiny lot the
> moment we opened! I spoke with the parking attendants today to
> review some different approaches to managing traffic. I think we
> came up with a good method. We are committed to keep trying until it
> gets as smooth as it possible.
> We look forward to seeing you soon!
> Sincerley,
> Melanie Holt
> Store Team Leader
> Whole Foods Market
> Noe Valley
> 3950 - 24th Street

I asked for a sign indicating "more bike parking on North side of lot" near the front.

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