Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oil Rig sinks in gulf of Mexico, 11 missing.

From Daily Kos

One of the comments I found amusing.

I hope that everyone who's reading this...
who uses a car as their primary mode of transportation is on the waiting list for an electric car (or trying to get on such a waiting list). Price is no longer an excuse. Nissan's Leaf, after the federal tax credit, will be $25k nationwide and as low as $19k in some states -- yet can run at about two cents a mile and has almost no maintenance. Mitsubishi's MiEV will be at least $2.5k cheaper. And there are all sorts of other offerings coming out.

You've all got no excuses now! If we don't switch to electric, how can we expect others to?

Cuz you know, 11 people died.

Of course, 44 percent of US electricity generation comes from Coal.

Short memories people.

April 9, 2010 West Virginia Coal Mine Disaster: Funerals Begin as Hope Dwindles


Frank Irwin said...

I got this tweet today:

BorowitzReport - I'm not sure if a gigantic oil rig sinking was the best way to celebrate Earth Day.

djconnel said...

Lithium mining ain't so nice, either.

Mikesonn said...

Or just don't drive.