Monday, May 10, 2010

An insult to actual activists everywhere...

In the Noe Valley Voice

The proponents of the plaza trial were led by 23rd Street resident John Murphy. Murphy, a father and local activist, hopes the neighborhood will give the project a chance.

"I support this plaza because it is the sort of big public space that suits the demographics of Noe Valley, that will bring customers for our businesses and will improve the quality of the intersection of 24th and Noe," he says.

Murphy says he and a loose-knit group of supporters are creating their own window signs and may set up a table at the farmers market as well. They've also been using email and Twitter to get the word out. "I think that viral approach is more effective in this day and age," he says.

Murphy's pro-plaza blog, yesnoevalley, rallied supporters to the first meeting at St. Philip's. "A lot of the supporters are parents with young children," he says.


djconnel said...

Today Noe Plaza, tomorrow, [b]City Hall[/b]!

Yokota Fritz said...

Murph for Supervisor?

rocky's dad said...

god, save us all, if that were to happen.