Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Requirements for "Bike Commuter of the Year"

Yesterday, two anecdotes.

I saw a tweet on the "caltrain" search of twitter.

TawneeKendall - Trying a new bike route today which removes VTA from the trip all together. Santa Clara Caltrain to Milpitas. Wish me luck!

I can think of no reasonable way to bike from Santa Clara Caltrain to Milpitas that doesn't include pretty much riding almost all the way to Lawrence Caltrain (a better served stop). Depending on where you are going in Milpitas, your choices of route include sections on Lafayette, De Anza, Trimble, and Montague. Not good.

@TawneeKendall - Google Bike Maps suggested I take highways (merging with freeways) as my bike route to work. Bikes aren't meant to merge w/semi-trucks, FYI.

Yeah. Google suggested DeAnza to Trimble to Montague. Yuck. I got a hold of Ms. Kendall and suggested Lawrence Caltrain, San Tomas Creek bike path, Tasman. Good luck.

Later, after work, riding to Lawrence Caltrain I ended up riding with a co-worker who often goes to the climbing gym before heading home. He looked over at me and said "Do you have a lock I can borrow? This is my sister's bike and I forgot to grab my lock". I've "lent" a bunch of tubes in my time, but never a lock. I grabbed it out of my bag and sent our man on his way, finding it safely on my desk this AM.

Help your fellow cyclists out, any time you can.

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