Monday, September 20, 2010

Noe Valley Parklet "status"

Here is an email I received from Robert Roddick yesterday.

The Merchants Association conducted a survey of its members and also non-members and the result was that Seventy-Two (72%) favored the Park Lets. Sixty-eight percent supported Park Lets as beneficial for business. The remainder just liked the idea.

The results were forwarded to all members in good standing and to Andres Power on Tuesday.

The first choice was Martha Bros. and the second was in front of the old Real Foods, but this was disqualified as there is no operating business to assume the responsibility. The next choice was Just For Fun.

Andres Power was in agreement and I believe that the establishment of the Park Lets at these locations is now proceeding. The details of the site business's responsibility are being finalized.

The Noe Valley Association will take up the cleaning and maintenance in conjunction with our ordinary every day cleaning, beautification and maintenance schedule.

From the newspapers and Andres Power it looks like Park Lets will become part of the ordinary permit procedure. I hope and expect that it will require Conditional Use Hearings before issuance. This is something that the NVA and the Merchants will be watching closely.

Bob Roddick

This doesn't necessarily sound good for the residents of Vicksburg Street with respect to their concerns that a parklet in front of Martha Brothers will not attract coffee drinkers and people with their dogs, but will instead become a magnet for drunks rolling out of the Dubliner.


rocky's dad said...

The Noe Valley Association is apparently not doing a very good job keeping the sidewalks clean on 24th.

Why is it that everytime I walk there I can see and smell dog shit in front of the businesses?

The NVA is spending our tax money on what?

murphstahoe said...

I don't work for the NVA. You might get an answer to that question by clicking this link and finding contact information for them. Debra will probably be interested to hear feedback. Please post a followup comment based on her response, I share your concerns.

NVA only gets "taxes" from a special assessment on the property owners on the corridor. That doesn't include me, not sure if you own property on 24th.