Friday, March 4, 2011

Agent Akit finds some very interesting nuggets

From Akit's Complaint Department - some very interesting nuggets.

A "change order" of $450.000 for additional Customer Service center support. The complaints about Caltrain are overwhelming the telephone lines that they need additional people to take-on the help.


Statistically, Caltrain is only 2% of Clipper's transaction volume, but more than half of the phone calls to the customer service center is about Caltrain problems.

Go check out his post - good read.


Mikesonn said...

Akit does good work, though it kind of sounded like he was blaming the user for a horribly set up system.

Read location is probably 1A on the list of F-ups with 1B being the lack of readers.

Just siphoning more public funds. Stupidity makes these consultants rich.

Bart said...

I called Clipper support on Thursday. It sounded like mayhem in the background noise. The service rep was stumped by my problem and just gave up. It was a stark contrast with the Clipper customer service of a few months ago where the reps were patient and polite.

Rather than dump another half million into customer service Caltrain should just revert to the previous ticketing scheme while they use that cash to re-engineer the problems out of Caltrain-Clipper.

But it seems that the temptation is to think that Caltrain users just need more training. Clipper should hire Don Norman or one of his disciples to solve this for good.