Friday, March 11, 2011

People who don't fathom repurcussions of their actions.

From a co-worker.

This nice drunk lady decided to nearly kill me last
night on my way home. I was on Lafayette heading to the SC Caltrain
stop on that part that goes under the tracks that has no sidewalk or
shoulder. So I took the lane to head down and she literally rear ended
me, didn't even try to swerve. I was probably going about 20 and I
think she had 10-15 on me. I was thrown off the bike (luckily so I
didn't end up under the truck). She ended up being arrested for felony
dui and I ended up in the trauma unit, just with some bumps and scrapes.

I'm just wondering what I should do from here, my bike is totaled (rear
wheel pretty much disintegrated and the frame snapped), everything I was
wearing was shredded. I know you have more experience with this stuff
than me.

I had already taken the lane and was about
halfway through the tunnel when she hit me. So it wasn't [like] I swerved in
front of her.

I just talked to him - the woman was drinking at home with her family and lived nearby. She was just "running out to get a pack of smokes". The family walked over and since she was headed to jail, asked to take the car - the officer replied that he had to impound it since it was registered under her name, and besides you are all obviously drunk.

I asked him to make sure he follows up with the DA and that I'd send out a sigalert to send letters to the DA recommending maximum sentencing when the time comes.

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Bart said...

Wow that's pretty scary. Your co-worker was lucky to survive without too much damage. The drunk driver must have been really blotto to have not seen a cyclist in the center of the lane.

I try to avoid that viaduct but sometimes there really isn't a good alternative. The most unnerving part is that you have to take the lane for quite a long distance and up a grade. Even if you sense an impending collision there's no way to just bail out and crash to the right of the roadway. You're a sitting^H^H^H^H^H^H pedaling duck.