Friday, October 7, 2011

SB 910 Vetoed

This is the Dumbest thing I've read in a while - and I sometimes read Rob Anderson's blog and have read things written by Sarah Palin.



Frank Irwin said...

It sounds like he missed the "or" in the bill.

Rick Perry also vetoed the Texas version of the bill, which passed almost unanimously in both the House and Senate and protected many more than just cyclists.

ladyfleur said...

I am stunned and horrified. How naive I was to think he wouldn't dare do it.

We have so many streets and roads that allow cars to stop to turn left, blocking traffic behind them. How is having a car ahead of you slow to 15 mph somehow more dangerous than having someone STOP in front of you.

I absolutely makes no sense.

djconnel said...

Viet-Trung Luu said...

The only conclusion one can come to is that he thinks it's safe for a car to pass a cyclist at speeds greater than 15 mph with less than 3 feet clearance.

That, or cars are more valuable than people and that a miniscule risk of a rear-end collision is worse than a risk of a dead cyclist.