Thursday, October 30, 2008

SF2G holier than Caltrain.

I had a 9:30 AM meeting today. Had - past tense, as in it did not happen.

In theory I could get a train at 7:59, arrive MV at 8:44, take my time and get to work at 9:15, shower and go to the meeting. Given that I could

1) get bumped
2) have some delay

I decided I would get on the 6:44 AM train. Arrive Lawrence 7:49, 10 minute ride to work, giving me a 90 minute buffer.

As I rode to the station at 6:25, I went through the Mission and cursed knowing that an SF2G ride would probably be setting up at Ritual. So busy lately I don't even check. Chances are there would be a ride, and getting up this early and not riding was very annoying. The ride would probably not get me to work until 9:45 - I could try to cut off a Caltrain downstream but that would reintroduce the possibility of

1) getting bumped - but with no time to spare

So I went to Caltrain. The station was packed with frowny faces, meaning only one thign. Darwin had struck midnight and taken another lonely soul away from us as they decided to play "Beat Thomas the Train". I checked Twitter Truck under a train in San Mateo, Fatality.

Fatality - adds 30 to 90 minutes
Car under train - adds 90 minutes more, minimum.

A co-worker and I discussed the possibility of riding the whole way, now that I was at 4th/King this was not very tempting. BART to Fremont and a ride to work was a possible play, but they opened the door and let us on a train. We decided to take that and see how far South we could get. Answer? Halfway in between SSF and San Bruno. What brainiac takes the train out of hold at South City, sends it to nowhere, and then puts it back into hold? Now we were stuck and could not bail from the train.

Finally we made it to San Bruno and more delays were announced. We bailed and rode 15 miles or so to Redwood City. I re-checked the twitter and noted that our train had now left Millbrae, we did a quick calculation and figured we had 10 minutes until it would be in RWC. I ordered a bagel at Noah's and then discovered that my calculations were off by 2 minutes the wrong direction. Somehow I still managed to make the train with food. I arrived at 10 AM, 2 hours later than planned and my meeting went to pot. Had I gone with the SF2G crowd, I would have been sweaty but probably could have made the meeting.

Photo of wreck

What is with the fatalities/accidents lately? Sheesh.

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Yokota Fritz said...

I ended up riding my bike SJ to MP. It turns out my train (#231) left (mostly) on time and held north of Palo Alto (either MP or RWC, I'm not sure which), so I could've gotten to work on time. But oh well, I got a good ride in.

This morning I was stuck in the parking lot that was Hwy 17 -- 3 hours to go 10 miles. If I knew it was going to be that long I would've bailed and rode my bike through the stopped traffic on Hwy 17.