Friday, July 31, 2009

A dilemma for Rob Anderson.

If there are two things Rob Anderson hates, it's homeless people, and bicycles. Show him a homeless person on a bicycle and the rage starts flying.

Among the many things the bikesnobnyc hates are obstacles in bike lanes, for example people walking in bike lanes, or cars subletting bike lanes.

In San Francisco, instead of cars subletting bike lanes, we have homeless people subletting bike lanes.
Somewhere, Rob Anderson's head is spinning. on Twitpic

OK, maybe this is a bike "path" or a bike "bridge" but you get my point.

Now, if you hate homeless people and you hate bike lanes, what to do in this scenario. If you chase away the homeless people, life gets easier for the cyclists. If you want the cyclists to suffer, you let the homeless people continue living on the bridge unabated. What to do, what to do...


Tim said...

It's simple, replace the homeless people with mannequins from retail stores that have shut down.

Jym said...

=v= That sounds fair, provided that the homeless people get to move into the shuttered retail stores in exchange.

Rob Anderson said...

You're a liar, Murph, and as usual you're an ignorant liar. Please provide a single bit of evidence that I "hate" homeless people or cyclists. I've been writing about homelessness long before I started my blog (

I supported Care Not Cash and Newsom's other programs to get people off the streets when city progressives were okay with 100-200homeless people were dying on our streets every year. In fact Newsom showed that he cared more about the homeless than you phony progressives do.

I have contempt for cyclists like you, because I think you're crackpots and dishonest assholes, which this blog post shows.

murphstahoe said...

I have pity for you Rob, because you have no sense of humor... which is a far worse fate than we cyclists share in being the object of your contempt.

Rob Anderson said...

And I feel sorry for your family. It must be awful living with such a know-it-all jerk.