Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Holier than me Olympian

Hello. My name is Richard. I ride a bike. That makes me Holier Than You, so Murph gave me an account for his blog.

Today, I met somebody even Holier Than Me on the bus. I got to talking with a very fit 30-something guy with reflective straps on his pants. When Victor Plata was a sophomore at Santa Cruz High School in the late 80s, he attended a talk about Peak Oil. He's never owned a car, and today he was on the bus from Santa Cruz to San Jose to catch Amtrak to return to his home in Sacramento.

After he unloaded his steel Cervelo from the bus, he realized he forgot his bike helmet. I offered to retrieve the helmet from the Lost and Found and mail it to him, but he said not to worry about. "I was at the Olympics," he kind of murmered, "so I have all kinds of gear at home."

"You mean as an athlete? What sport?"

It turns out Victor competed in the 2004 Olympics in Athens as a triathlete. What a dude.

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BikeBoy said...

And I note Victor attended that cycling/swimming/track-and-field powerhouse of the West that is Cal Poly SLO! (bikeboy's alma mater)