Monday, November 10, 2008

About those taxes I don't pay...

Cyclists get a lot of guff from the uninformed about how since we aren't buying gas (and thus not paying gas taxes) or paying for DMV registration tags, we don't belong on the road because we aren't paying for the road.

This argument has been debunked many times.

Apparently it turns out that taxes are not only used to build roads and pay for cops and put in stop lights and the like, they are also used to bailout the automobile manufacturers. Is this bailiout only being done with gas taxes? Somehow I doubt it...

I wonder - will the bicycle industry be begging next? My guess is no.


295bus said...

Too bad we don't actually live in a capitalist economy--GM deserves to die!

I'm Still holding a grudge over the Pacific Electric, Key System, etc.

Yokota Fritz said...

I'm sure you're aware of all of those county measures in California last week specifically to raise local taxes to fund road repairs.

It's not just the infrastructure either: a significant portion of local police, fire and ambulance funding is just to deal with traffic accidents.

Regarding bike company bailouts: Chris @ Specialized is somewhat less optimistic.