Monday, November 24, 2008

Rob Anderson is a complete tool.

Rob Anderson is a complete tool.

No need to play politics or try to convince this irrelevant batty old fool that he is wrong. I'm done wasting my time - he's in the killfile. If I do go nutso and decide to run for D8 Supervisor I will go down swinging with the statement that San Francisco needs to get things done and become a livable city. Local to D8 to me that means things like calming the traffic on the Eureka Street "Expressway", making sure that Whole Foods does not turn 24th Street into a parking lot (I love that we will get the WF but how will Noe survive the traffic influx?), and global to the city meaning getting that EIR done so we can get some bike racks and bike lanes out there, and getting the TEP rolling in this century so we can get MUNI cooking with gas. And wasting as little time as possible on fools.


Rob Anderson said...

You can call me names, but some specifics on my foolishness would be more convincing. Recall that when Dufty ran for re-election a few years ago, Alix Rosenthal ran against him, and she got buried, even though she was a militant cyclist and girlfriend of Steve Jones of the Bay Guardian. The trick to avoiding too much traffic at Whole Foods is to put enough parking underneath the building. Check out the Lucky Market at Masonic and Fulton: it has 251 parking spaces in its undergound parking lot, which is why you never see any market-related traffic jams in that area.

murphstahoe said...

Per wikipedia.

Militant: "The word militant has come to refer to any individual or party engaged in aggressive physical or verbal combat, usually for a cause."

Popular usage sometimes sees "militants" as synonymous with terrorists.

I don't know Alix Rosenthal but I doubt she meets the popular usage.

For a specific example of your foolishness. The comparison of an apple to an orange.

The Lucky at Masonic and Fulton is at the intersection of 2 streets that each have 2 lanes in each direction. The Whole Foods being placed on 24th Street is mid block on a street with 1 lane in each direction. 24th St has very dense retail. Aside from the Lucky, Masonic is mostly residential, Fulton has some additional retail but not at the density of 24th St. The stretch of 24th from Dolores to Douglass has 4 way stops at every intersection save Castro, which has a traffic light, cross traffic is prevalent, and cars are often held up at 4 way stops due to heavy pedestrian traffic.

To me, and I am not a planner nor a traffic engineer (though I did sleep at a Holiday Inn last night), the issue is not where the people will park it is whether or not the street itself can handle the volume of traffic entering the street in order to enter said parking garage. 24th Street is typically experiences high traffic volumes already - and the small lot in front of the Cala Foods currently in that location usually has spots open - there isn't an issue of cars circling for spots.

Additionally, putting in a larger parking garage incents people to drive to the Whole Foods because they know that they can find parking. 24th Street has a high pedestrian volume currently in large part because driving to 24th has a certain price to it - you must find a spot. Just because there is plenty of parking, does not mean that the roadway can handle the traffic volume, sort of like the line of traffic going into a sporting event or concert.