Monday, November 3, 2008

Prop 8 campaigners holier than me.

Returning from a Cross race in Santa Rosa (I didn't race - kudos to those who did including my buddie's wife who won the Women's C's - sandbagger) we encountered a bunch of Prop 8 campaigners. On one side of the 101N onramp of Windsor Road was the Yes on 8 crowd, on the other the No on 8 crowd. Each side about 10 strong.

Every time I have seen these sorts on TV, there are always a bunch from each side at the same location, waving around their signs. How does this happen? Does the Yes side decide to have a sign waving event and call the No side to coordinate the time and place? "Hey Phil, the Holy Rollers were thinking that since it is shit pouring rain out there, we should show our devotion to our sides of the issue by standing out in the monsoon a few hours. Are you Godless Heathens in?"

Or does one side decide to start, then when their opponents see them, they put out a tweet and get the troops to rally at the same spot?

As you can see from the cyclocross photos, it was super gnarly conditions out there. I really can't see what impact the sign wavers were having, certainly people were blaring their horns at them, but that seemed to be mostly preaching to the choir. At this point the most important campaigning is GOTV - but this won't really accomplish that nearly as well as say - phone banking or canvassing.

God bless them, but I'll take my nice walk through the NV desert anytime.

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