Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Huzzah Shirley!

The SFBC's Bikes ONBoard subcommittee has worked hard under the
leadership of the tireless Shirley Johnson and Caltrain is ... how
would I put it? "Grudgingly listening?" We'll see. But if it were
not for efforts from Shirley's crew, Caltrain would have just rolled
their plan to slap up a few more racks and be done with it.

Here is a mail from Shirley to all those Caltrain cyclists who signed
the petitions circulating on the train and at bike related events the
past several months. Make time in your calendar to Crash the Gates at
the JPB meeting in January.



Update from Caltrain board meeting held November 6
Caltrain staff intends to present two options for modestly increasing
onboard bicycle capacity to the Joint Powers Board (Caltrain board) at the
board meeting on January 8, 2009. No word on what those two options are
yet, and we're concerned that Caltrain may not adequately address
cyclists needs. We'll need a strong presence at the board meeting, so
please mark your calendar for 10am, Thursday, January 8 at 1250 San Carlos
Ave, San Carlos.

Email Caltrain every time you're bumped
Caltrain continues to downplay the severity of the bike capacity problem.
We need to keep reminding them, so please email Caltrain every time you<92>re
bumped. You'll probably get a form letter response, but please keep
writing to them. You can find a handy email link at the top of our web
page: http://www.sfbike.org/?caltrain_bob

Photo help needed
We're looking for people to take photographs on trains, particularly if
you travel north in the morning and south in the evening. If you'd like
to help, please respond to this email. For photos so far, please see our
web page: http://www.sfbike.org/?caltrain_bob

Thank you!

More bikes, no bumps,
Shirley Johnson
BIKES ONboard project, SFBC

P.S. Please forward to other cyclists or anyone who cares about bike

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