Thursday, December 11, 2008

I am holier than Kim Kubik of San Francisco

Letters to the Editor

If it were not for the accidents described in letters from bicyclists relating to the Market and Octavia streets freeway onramp, their complaints would be amusing. Why? Because the no right turn law from Market Street onto the freeway is a San Francisco Bicycle Coalition Bike Plan mandate.

The SFBC set up this ludicrous situation and now they wail loudly when the obvious occurs. The solution is simple: Put in a right turn lane and traffic light for cars -- and require that cyclists dismount and walk their bikes across the intersection during a pedestrian countdown. (emphasis murph's)

That is a win-win solution, because then cars could turn and cyclists would be much safer. But since it means cyclists must give up some of the privilege they feel they deserve, it will never be implemented.

-- Kim Kubik, San Francisco

I have a better idea.

require that drivers get out and push their cars across the intersection during a car countdown.

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