Monday, December 15, 2008

Neither Rain Nor Snow...

shall deter our determined Holier than Thou cyclist from riding to work.

It was actually a pretty respectable rainstorm this morning. I started getting dumped on in the Mission, so much so that I almost bailed to Warm Planet given that the 7:19 bus meets an nVidia Shuttle. I decided instead to suck it up to leave me afternoon flexibility.

Caltrain certainly wasn't full this AM, but I saw plenty of tweets so there were plenty of other hardy souls. But I'm not very concerned about getting bumped tonight.

And of course, I got out of bed, rode in the dark and the rain to get an early-ish train because I had a 9 AM meeting, and I would want plenty of time to get showered before the meeting. The only other party attending said meeting was 15 minutes late - "THE TRAFFIC IS ALWAYS HORRIBLE WHEN IT RAINS".

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