Thursday, December 11, 2008


Bob Shanteau hears back from Richard Chiu

--> Richard Chiu wrote:
Bob, Thanks for the information. The pavement marking was originally installed to encourage bicyclists to use the new pathway through the college. It was brought to our attention that some drivers may act more aggressively towards bicyclist with the markings in place.
The Town wants to encourage various modes of transportation and does not want to do anything that would result in more drivers behaving badly. As a result, the Town has temporarily covered the markings and made arrangement to have it permanently removed by early next week.

Well, they are changing the signage. It's somewhat amusing that they are removing it based on this "result in more drivers behaving badly" instead of "because it is an illegal marking", but we got rid of it.

Chapeau to Jeff Orum, gmcpheeter, Bob Shanteau, SVBC, et all...

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