Sunday, December 14, 2008

Louis XII Cognac is a Holy Touchdown maker.

My buddy Joe works as a store manager for BevMo! Working retail is a gold mine for amusing anecdotes. He could probably write 2 books based on his tenure as a store manager for Home Depot.

The other day I got an email from him that Oakland Raiders Wideout Johnny Lee Higgins had stopped in the store. Apparently the Raiders must have the right tools to party properly, as Higgins purchased BOTH of Joe's bottles of Louis XIII cognac - priced at $1900 a bottle. Not only that, Joe had to give him directions to the two other BevMo! stores in the Bay Area that had single bottles in stock - apparently a Pro Wide Receiver needs 4 bottles to party properly. Maybe they were gifts for Al Davis.

I just got a text from Joe - "guess that cognac worked - 40 yd receiving TD for Johnny Lee Higgins!"

Of course this makes it 28-7 New England - apparently Johnny Lee wasn't sharing the love.

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