Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Curb your Car

Many readers of this blog (as if I had many readers) are familiar with a much more famous blogger - BikeSnobNYC - shocking but true he is a blogger who rides bikes in New York City. On a good day I might be able to match his ironic wit, sadly I have only sporadic good days, but I am not supplementing my income from this blog - so far my Google AdSense revenues are $1.45 over nine months. That and a peach from my tree and I'll have some baby food for Liam.

The Bike Snob has sort of a personal jihad about the misuse of bike lanes in New York. That and a general distaste of fixed gear bikes and wrong way cyclists. Somehow he keeps it fresh.

In San Francisco, we don't have a ton of problems with double parkers in bike lanes - mostly because we have a dearth of bike lanes thanks to a gigantic douchnozzle trying to pass himself off as the next coming of John Muir. Thankfully the time in purgatory is nearing an end. Not that we don't have a problem with cars - or Motorcycle Cops parked in our current bike lanes.

In Noe Valley we don't have a lot of bike lanes, so the problem here isn't so much parking in bike lanes, it's just flat out double parking, mostly in front of our various coffee shops. Noe Valley is not short on douchnozzles but it's a generally nice place.

Today, someone crossed my path that had my irony sirens going off full steam. I saw a car, double parked. This is something I really don't like, especially in the location it was double parked, around a blind corner on a busy street. Perhaps this guy had it in for me - he has a thing about organized religion you see, and while my claim to be "Holier Than Thou" has very little to do with actual religion, I could see how he might get confused. Anyway, the ironic part is that while he was parked in the middle of the street - as opposed to against the curb (pay attention - that was an important distinction), his ironic bumper sticker states...

curb your car

"Curb your God"

The next level of irony was the fact that he was double parked while sitting in the drivers seat, while there was an open parking spot directly behind his car (well, behind, and to the left. behind, and to the left). So he wants everyone to curb their God, which is really a pretty strong statement as a lot of people have invested a lot of time into their faith, but he can't be bothered to "Curb his Car".

This man has decided to wage jihad (well, not jihad, that would be a "holy war", but you get my point) against "Gods" of a religious nature, and advertise the fact on his car. I would claim that to this man, perhaps "God" is reflected in either...

1) Himself
2) His car

Apparently all those Allah lovers and fans of the Holy Trinity must put their god to the curb, his "God" is exempt.

Oh, and he was double parked in front of a church.

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