Thursday, June 4, 2009

This is nuts!

From the Chron

A supervisors' committee will consider a number of proposed legal settlements Thursday, including whether to pay out $100,000 to a bicyclist who lost a testicle after he hit a pothole and $82,000 to a San Franciscan whose arm was allegedly broken by a police officer after he offered to translate for the officer.

The bicyclist, Barry Louis Mangels, was riding on Hugo Avenue when he hit a 5-inch-deep pothole and his testes slammed against his bike seat, forcing him to undergo surgical removal of the right testicle. His lawsuit argued that the city had received numerous complaints about potholes on that street and knew the area was dangerous.



Dave Moulton said...

Maybe he should take up golf, because you aim for the hole, and your balls are already dimpled.
I'm sorry but the object is to go around the potholes.

331 Miles said...

A 5" pothole? Whoop-ti-doo. His junk was apparently junk to begin with it.

Illinoisfrank said...

I think the legal theory in this was covered in an episode of "The Paper Chase".