Saturday, June 27, 2009

The San Francisco Bike Plan 45 of 56 projects approved!

45 of the 56 projects in the San Francisco Bike Plan were approved by the MTA board Friday Morning.

10 had been tabled for further study previously, including Masonic, a constant bone of contention as it provides one of the better routes south to north in that area. One project was tabled for further study at the hearing - bike lanes on 2nd Street. I am not very familiar with that area - residents showed up in force and the story from most is that they want bike lanes, just not the configuration proposed. We'll see.

Two things I find very laughable in the comments - the same comments come over and over and over.

1) Cyclists should be required to get a license, pay registration, etc... like drivers do. I'll grant that it's pretty much impossible to drive without paying gasoline taxes, but the concept that a drivers license or registration is required is laughable. All you need to drive a car is a car and a set of keys.

Do you doubt this assertion? 7,070 matches on google for <"suspended license" fatality 2009>.

2) All these restrictions and taxes are the LAST STRAW and that person is never coming to San Francisco and will send their taxes to San Mateo County. Guess that is why Westfield Mall (BART Accessible) is overrun with customers, and the big box stores in Dublin and the like are going under.

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