Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fox News on pace for best year ever.

Associated Press via SF Gate .

The conservative network was already on pace for its best ratings year even before the health care debate sent viewership jumping during a traditionally slow month for news.

How emboldened is Fox? After President Barack Obama's press secretary Robert Gibbs warned against "cable news" derailing health care plans, Bill O'Reilly assumed he was referring to Fox and seemed ready for a fight.

"Who's that going to help?" O'Reilly said. "Us, that's who. Our ratings are already soaring because we don't denigrate the protesters, the way a lot of other TV news organizations do. They're dying. We're on fire."

This despite Obama winning in a landslide...

Could it be... Liberals do crazy things like ride their bikes, play with their children, cook dinner, go out and have a beer and talk with their friends. Conservatives get some fast food from the drive through and watch TV?

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