Saturday, August 8, 2009

Obligatory shout out to BeSpoke Cycles San Francisco

I had been having a problem with the rear derailler on the LeMond, my beat up commuter bike. I laid the bike down on some wet train tracks a ways back, bending the derailler, which I then shifted into the spokes, breaking about seven of them. The wrench down south where it happened rebuilt the wheel quite nicely but didn't do much for the bent hanger. The hanger was hitting some spokes when in the 27 and climbing steep grades, which happens daily going home up 23rd.

I was wandering down 24th so I went in to pick Stefan's brain at BeSpoke. I was thinking the problem was with the derailler which had definitely been beat up, but he suspected the hanger. I went by about an hour later with my rig, started to explain something then somehow the Serrota he was building disappeared off the rack, the LeMond was on, tools went flying, and voila - c'est parfait!

As Aaron the manager would say, "The best way to a mechanics heart is through his liver". I am well aware of this truism, and quickly delivered a cold sixer of Petaluma's finest .

Gracias Stefan!

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Frank Irwin said...

The 27???? ;-)

And a bike shop that also serves parfaits is a good find, indeed!