Sunday, August 16, 2009

Noe Valley BBQ - Approve!

Today walking the dog to the park I saw a BBQ going on in Noe Valley.

If it weren't for cars, we could BBQ in the parking spots all... on Twitpic

I stopped to take a photo because I so heartily approved of this use of a legal on street parking spot! Just think, if it weren't for the incessant need to park cars on the streets, neighborhood barbeques would be sprouting up all over the place!

I was so excited I rushed home to fire up our own grill. Pork loin in a glaze made from peach preserves made from our Healdsburg peaches, caprese salad using my basil plants, and grilled zucchini that we traded our backyard plums for from another Noe Valley Gardner. This on the heels of yesterdays crepes with Healdsburg Pear Compote, and last night's pasta with NV Basil, HBG tomatoes, and NV (trade) Zucchini.

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