Thursday, August 20, 2009

Old La Honda Road Terrorist(s)?

This comment at Cyclelicious

Watch out for a bright red late model Ford F150 "Lightning" sport pick-up on Old La Honda Rd. It chased me today after speeding uphill and leaning out screaming that the road was for locals only, and I made the mistake of verbally flipping him the bird. When I called 911 and told them I was hiding in bushes after a truck made a violent u-turn to follow me (drove back and forth searching), the dispatcher asked, "How exactly did the driver threaten you?"

If someone walks by you on the sidewalk and you are minding your p's and q's and this person shouts that this sidewalk isn't for you, and you tell him to "F*** you!" and keep moving away. Doesn't the fact that this person starts chasing you imply a physical threat?

Road-rage in a car is assault with a deadly weapon!

From Bike Forums

I was struggling up Old La Honda...the Bay area hill that everyone knows their time up (27 min). As I was riding, a young woman pulled up to me in a red truck with oversized wheels. She pulled within 1 foot of me and squeezed me by the road. At first she politely told me that Old La Honda was a road for residents only and that I was breaking the law by riding it.

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kit said...

That bike forums thread is from '05. I'm surprised we haven't heard more of it since then.