Friday, March 12, 2010

San Francisco District 8 Supervisor Candidate Forum

I went to the D8 Supervisor Candidate Forum last night. I have more to write on it later, but they asked one brilliant question.

Went to the D8 supervisor candidate forum last night.

They asked an *awesome* question. "You have to cut $100M from the budget and you have to rank which department to cut it from, in order. Police, MUNI, Schools".

Mandelman - "Police, then I'd kill myself because I can't cut the other two." I don't like that he cheated, but the SFPD is the one department of the three not currently in freefall, so the first priority is right. If I were him, I would have pulled a coin out of my pocket, flipped it, denoted the preference of the coin, and said "If you elect me, I will work very hard to make sure I don't have to flip any coins".

Hemenger - Schools, Police, MUNI. "Because there are private schools and they are a good substitute". He just forfeited the election (IMHO) - the forum was being held at Alvarado Elementary which is full of people who are extremely commited to PUBLIC education. It's gaffe in and of itself (and a bad policy choice) but the worst part is in an earlier question about schools he gave a sob story about 3 neighbors who had to sell their houses in the depths of the market because they had to move due to their children not getting a "good" school in the lottery. If Private school were such a great option, why did they move, and why does he care?

Prozan - MUNI/Schools/Police. NEXT.

Weiner - Another politician who copped out. 50/50 Police and Schools, not MUNI. Cuz he love love loves MUNI. Of course, earlier he said he does not support extending parking meter hours (the revenue from which would go to MUNI). Gavin HATES extending the hours. The MTA first brought up the idea based on a study they did, it was going to be in the budget, and Gavin sat on Nat Ford until he pulled it out. But the MUNI budget problem has gotten worse, and when Gavin negotiated concessions from the driver's union leadership, the rank and file voted down the concessions! So with no more options to turn to, Ford has fallen in line with the advocates and says he will include meter hour extensions in the July 1 budget. Ford is getting massive pressure not to extend the meter hours and he's still doing it because he can't find another option, yet Weiner still sides with the Mayor, despite him saying MUNI is his top concern. Apparently it's his top concern excluding free parking - the crazy part being MUNI's study clearly indicates that meter extensions are GOOD for businesses in those commercial districts. Cop out pander bear.

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