Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Holier than You Quiz

I have had my share of dumb dustups lately.

1) At work, I park my bike in a parking garage. Where I enter the garage, there is a gate that swings up and down to let cars in, you need your badge to open the gate. There is a gap on the right side that is more than wide enough for a bike, so I just ride through. One day, there was a car going into the garage. Instead of swinging to the right where there is no gate, I just followed the car. The car went through. The gate started going back down. I went through. Boom.

2) At bowling, I park my bike on a railing in the parking lot. I ride up from the BART station, into the parking lot. Last week there were a couple of cars going into the lot via the main entrance, and I noted the handicap access slot going onto the sidewalk surrounding the lot. I rode up the ramp, onto the sidewalk, to then cross the sidewalk and go into the parking lot. Problem - there is a 4 inch curb around the parking lot on the edge of the sidewalk. I hit the curb, went over the bars, boom.

Somehow I managed to get through both of these unscathed. Amazing as in the past it seemed everytime I crash, I have major surgery.

Today I had a minor incident that was not my fault. First person to guess what could have possibly caused an incident on Sand Hill Road going through Stanford gets to be Holier than You for a day. Bonus - if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can have some holier than you pomegranates from our tree in Healdsburg.

For those not familiar with this stretch of road, here is a street view of the "Danger Zone". It's like Baghdad, as you can see. I was in the luxurious bike lane on the opposite side of the road, outside of the white SUV in this picture.

This isn't really a trick question, I am just a little annoyed and sanctimonious.

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Frank Irwin said...

You hit a hill of sand?

Yokota Fritz said...

Squirrel or maybe even a skunk. Or possibly a horse.

And the Blogger CAPTCHA suggests "ocelot." For real.

murphstahoe said...

This one was pretty straightforward and standard. Driver drifted out of the traffic lane into the bike lane, midblock. I gave her car door a quick kick, and looked over as she sheepishly put down her cellphone which she was using to send a text message.

At least she knew she was guilty, so instead of my typical screaming fit I just gave her an exasperated look and said "Just say NO".